“I hired Andres to help me rebuild myself after 10 years of competitive skiing had taken a toll on my body. I had various neck, back, and knee injuries that had prevented me from pushing hard in the gym. Andres revamped my whole approach to fitness and guided me to hit lifetime PR’s in my squats, deadlifts while staying pain and injury-free. Andres is the man and I can’t recommend him enough”

Tucker Perkins

Investment Account Executive

US Skiing & X-Games Competitor

Rachel Testimonial
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“Nutrition has always been a challenge for me and Andres has helped me tremendously. He has helped improve my energy levels throughout the day, he has helped me get better at tracking my food consistently, and he has helped me build confidence in my abilities to achieve my goals! Thank you so much Andres for being so patient and informative, I would recommend him to anybody.” 


Owner – emBRACE Pilates 

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Physique/Powerlifting/Strongman Competitor

Tyson Testimonial
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“Andres wasn’t just interested in selling a generic fitness program, he actually took the time to understand me more and develop a program just for me. Andres built a road map for me to gain my strength and muscularity back and he has been phenomenal. I can’t wait to continue this journey and see even more PR’s soon!”

Tyson Foinanini

Project Engineer

Back Fusion Patient

Nabila Testimonial
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“Andres was a godsend for me after I had suffered from rhabdo and had been unable to progress in my lifts. He was able to come up with a program which took into account my needs and through careful and strategic programming had me lifting more than I have ever lifted while staying injury free”

Nabila Khan, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician

“Before working with Andres I struggled with back pain and gaining strength for powerlifting. After hiring him, I was able to hit lifetime PR’s at my powerlifting meet, drop 30 pounds of fat, and eliminate my back pain completely all while celebrating the birth of my baby daughter. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had. Andres is the absolute best coach out there!”

Taylor Moorman

Data Development Professional

Teri Testimonial
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“I’ve never had somebody care so much to do things right from the start…I can’t say enough about my muscle development and strength…Everyone I have seen in the last two years of working with you has noticed a difference and I can’t thank you enough.”

Terese Market

Social Media Marketing Director

“When I started with Andres, I had plateaud and was told by other coaches that muscle growth is hard for women over 40 years old. Andres didn’t believe in that narrative. His concepts were different but very strategic and WOW! My strength more than doubled and I am enjoying a 20 year old physique. I highly recommend!”

Natalie Bouchard

Business Executive

Paula Testimonial
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“His workout plans are excellent. Everything he makes is planned so well, 100% customized for my needs. It’s almost like he can read my mind! I’ve had so many coaches but he’s THE best. I appreciate his confidence and accountability. My body has changed so much while working with him. I feel stronger and my weak areas are getting better and better.”


Nutrition Coach – Paula Dieta Flex

WBFF Bikini Competitor

“Prior to working with Andres, I was spinning my wheels and using programs that did not give me the results I wanted. Where Andres really stands apart is his attention to detail and ability to look at my plan holistically. He’s really removed any stress from the training process and has made it enjoyable again. I’m stronger and leaner than ever and I would recommend Andres to anyone looking coaching.”

Kyle H.

H.R./Account Executive

“After realizing the toll that my lifestyle had taken on my body, I reached out to Andres to help me make a change. I was afraid I was going to have to follow a strict diet plan in order to get my health back. But Andres helped me learn how to eat good food, drink wine, and juggle a busy work life while getting back to a weight I hadn’t seen in decades. This has instilled so much confidence in myself in regard my physical and mental health!”

Harry F.

Medical Sales Representative

“It has been so fabulous to work with you Andres! I’m honestly in shock as to how my body has changed. It is truly mind-blowing and I truly appreciate all of your help! I can’t believe all of the progress I have made both internally and externally over the past three months!”

Megan Watson, DPT

Physical Therapist

“Hiring Andres as my coach has been life changing! Andres took the time to understand my goals and figure out why I was falling short. He built a plan that helped me overcome my issues with food and I was finally able to lose the fat around my midsection and gain muscle in my glutes!”

Tiffany Cece

High School Teacher

Master’s Degree Student

Magdalicia Testimonial
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“Andres has so much patience and explained what I could expect from the process. Before working with him I had a bad relationship with food. I looked at food as good or bad…Now I enjoy food, I enjoy working out, and I don’t overcomplicate things. Andres really cares about your health and that is a game changer!”

Magdalicia Castillo

Executive Assistant

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“Andres has been nothing short of a fabulous coach. I came to him after having had quite a few back and hip injuries that kept me from competing at a high level. He was able to put a plan together that 1. Helped rehab my injuries and 2. Allowed me to get stronger despite my limitations. He is incredible, his programs are highly effective and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Owner – Biolayne LLC

2x Powerlifting National Champion

Professional Natural Bodybuilder

Holly Testimonial
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“As a coach, Andres is very thorough and looks at all the variables that are important for putting together the perfect program. He has played a very important role in my success as a powerlifting and physique show competitor. He is so kind and nurtuting which is the perfect type of coach for me. I can’t recommend Andres


Director of Nutrition – Biolayne LLC

2x World Champion Fitness Model

Fitness Diva Pro

“Andres has been nothing short of phenomenal! I came to Andres with a shoulder injury and feeling burned out with my training. His highly customized coaching helped turn that around in only a month. You won’t find a coach with a more tailored and holistic approach to coaching than him.”


Powerlifting Competitor

Aspiring Fitness Model

Hanna Smith
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“What I love most about Andres is that he doesn’t just come from a scientific or physical standpoint on health and fitness. He understands it on an emotional and spiritual level. He understands health and fitness from multiple perspectives and works hard to help you achieve your goals in a way that’s sustainable and lasting.”


Real Estate Agent

Marketing Director

“As a strength coach I knew what I wanted and needed from a coach and Andres has far exceeded my expectations. I have never felt stronger or more capable. I highly recommend Andres, he is very knowledgeable and will make you feel very well looked after for all of your training needs.”


Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coach

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“Referring to Andres as a coach does not truly capture what he offers. He is an intellectual phenom that has the capacity to bring out the best in everyone he works with. There are only a handful of people that I trust with improving my personal human performance-Andres is one of those people.”


Associate Professor – University of South Florida

Director – Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory

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“With Andres’ coaching, I’ve finally been able to set my goals in motion. His personalized approach to training has helped me avoid injury and put on muscle mass. I trust his knowledge, ability to incorporate research into his approach, and aptitude for personalization. I highly recommend Andres as a coach!”


Former Collegiate Distance Runner

Corporate Development Director

“My wife and I have younger children and live on a ranch with livestock, so this requires unique daily physical demands. I regard Andres and his insight as an invaluable tool that allows me to continue to do what I do. I highly recommend him not only for sports-related programs but as someone who can tailor a science-based program to meet your lifestyle requirements.” 

Ben J.

UX Director

Former US Army Soldier

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“I had never used any type of strength coach in my 8 years of lifting weights or 4 years of powerlifting. From the beginning, Andres was very professional and showcased his knowledge. During the 15 weeks I had Andres as my coach, I added 30lbs to both my squat and my deadlift 1 rep max. I cannot wait to have him as a coach again!”


US Army Soldier

Competitive Powerlifter

“Andres is such a wonderful coach. I can’t thank him enough for guiding me with expertise through the trenches of natural bodybuilding. He cared about my goals as much as I did and I could NOT have accomplished any of them without him! I was so satisfied with the whole experience…I really busted my ass and Andres guided me brilliantly.”

Andrea Latkiewicz

Registered Nurse
Natural Figure Pro

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“Working with Andres in the lead up to my first powerlifting meet was a great experience. I got out of it all and more that you would hope to get out of a coach in terms of experience, communication, programming and professionalism. Andres made my goals feel as important to him as they were to myself, and that was a great feeling.”

Noah Lee

Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coach

“Working with Andres has been the best virtual coaching experience I have had. His blend of knowledge and practical experience, and emphasis on life factors outside the gym made his custom program by far the best program I have used in my 5 years of training.


US Army Soldier

Ready to reach the next level with your fitness?