Tag: Discipline

Consistency is the Key

What is the secret to accomplishing your goals and mastering your craft? Consistency. Showing up every day and putting in the work. Not just sometimes, every time. This is something that almost every successful person will reiterate. It takes hard work to be successful and there is just no getting around that. However, success also requires us to know our limits and avoid biting off more than we can chew. It is commendable to try and be a workaholic but this often causes issues somewhere in your life. Whether it is your relationships, your sanity, or the work itself, something will suffer. Doing too little won’t get the job done but trying to do too much can have the same effect. I like to refer to the book “Great By Choice” by Jim Collins in which he describes what he calls the “20 Mile March” as a solution to a 3000 mile journey on foot. Two people start out on the same journey with completely different strategies. On any given day, good weather or bad, feeling sick or energized, person 1 walks 20 miles. Person 2 goes by feel and walks 40 or even 50 miles on the days they feel […]

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