Female Build & Tone Training Program (Home/Limited Equipment)

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This is one of our home/limited equipment training programs that is designed for women who want to build muscle and get in great shape! You can use this program to get awesome workouts with little to no equipment. However, it can also be adapted for the gym if you’d like!

If you would like a training program that is more gym specific, please see one of our gym-based training programs!

See below for a full description.


This program will help you build a strong and sexy physique while working out at home or with limited equipment. The plan is 8 weeks long and includes four full body workouts per week. Each training session will focus on building muscle in the glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders while also toning the whole body with conditioning movements. So, if you are looking for a plan that will help you build muscle in all the right places, this is the training program for you!

The program is pre-written for your convenience but is customizable by using the drop-down menus for each exercise. This allows you to substitute in any exercise you want from the exercise database! Furthermore, each drop-down menu is categorized by equipment type which allows you to easily choose from Dumbbell, Bands, Bodyweight/Household Items, and Barbell exercises. You can also adapt this program to work with absolutely no equipment by selecting bodyweight/household item based exercises!

What is Included?

  • 8 Weeks of Training (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Workout Demonstration Videos for Every Movement
  • Program Familiarization & Customization Guide
  • 1RM & Training Load Calculator
  • Warm Up Guide ($10 value)

Training Program Information:

  • Frequency: 4 Training Sessions Per Week
  • Training Focus: Build muscle and tone/conditioning; focus on glutes, shoulders, and hamstring muscles
  • Experience Required: Beginner to Advanced (minimum of 6 months of training experience)
  • Suggested Training Split:
    • Workout 1 – Full Body (Legs/Shoulders Focus)
    • Workout 2 – Full Body (Glutes/Hamstrings Focus)
    • REST
    • Workout 3 – Full Body (Legs/Shoulder/Back Focus)
    • Workout 4 – Full Body (Glutes/Hamstrings Focus)
    • REST
    • REST

Equipment/Exercise Selection:

  • Limited Equipment (DB’s, Bands, Pull Up Bar) recommended; Works with no equipment as well.
  • The program is pre-written. However, you can change exercises using the drop-down menus!
  • Drop down menus are sub-categorized by equipment type (Dumbbells, Bands, Bodyweight/Household Items, Barbell)

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