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This is one of our original training templates (Version 1.0) that is designed to help you build as much muscle as possible! The training is has a bodybuilding approach and focuses on effective volume to help you grow. This template is gym based and is meant to be completed either in a gym or a home gym that includes a squat rack, barbell, DB’s, etc. If you need a template that is less equipment dependent, please see one of our Home/Limited Equipment Training Templates!

Version 1.0 Templates are not fully compatible with Google Sheets (drop down menu function is lost) but do work perfectly with excel.

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If your goal is to add as much muscle mass as you can then this is the program for you! This program will take you through 12 weeks of hypertrophy focused gym sessions. Compound movements make up the core of this program. However, there is plenty of accessory/isolation work to drive as much growth as humanly possible. This program is best suited for intermediate to advanced individuals who want to add muscle mass.

The program is pre-written but can be modified using the drop down menus included for each exercises. So, if an exercise does not meet your needs or experience level, simply click the drop down menu in cell and pick one that works better!


What is Included?

  • 12 Weeks of Training (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Program Familiarization & Customization Guide
  • 1 Rep Max & Training Load Calculator
  • Warm Up Guide ($10 value)
  • Workout Demonstration Videos for Every Movement

Training Program Information

  • 5 Training Sessions Per Week
  • Gym or Home Gym w/ Rack, Barbell, and Dumbbells
  • Experience Level Required: Intermediate to Advanced (2+ yrs)
  • Training Focus: Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy


NOTE: The spreadsheets included are designed to work with Excel. As a result, drop down menu functionality may be lost if using Google Sheets or Office 365.

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