Our Coaching Philosophy

You are unique.
Your fitness program should be too.

Whether you want to reach a certain performance goal, have more energy for your kids, or just feel better about your body, each goal requires a different approach. Likewise, your individual qualities play a huge role in determining your path to success. That’s why each person deserves a training and nutrition program that is specific to their needs and goals. We choose to offer individualized fitness coaching because it is the most efficient way to help you realize your potential.

The relationship between coach and client is crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your hard work. While it is important for us to understand and trust you as our client, it is even more important for you to understand and trust us as your coach. That’s why we start each relationship off by getting to know you. We get to know who you are and the find the true reasons behind your fitness journey. Once we understand your “why”, we can can create a program that works with you, not against you.

If you find you resonate with what we believe in here at The Strength Cave, we would love to have you aboard! Simply click the link below or head over to our Online Coaching section and learn more about how we can help you!

Core Values

Honesty & Integrity
A trusting environment in which all parties can thrive.

Discipline & Diligence
Being willing to commit and trusting the process.

Constant Improvement
Never settling for less than you deserve. Always looking for ways to improve.

Leadership & Courage
Blazing your own trail and setting an example for those around you.

Curiosity & Open-Mindedness
Eager to learn and open to the opinion of others.

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