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Best Ways to Calculate Your Training Load

 Andres Vargas  

When you first start lifting weights you enjoy a seemingly never ending run of gains. Even when your training is suboptimal, you manage to increase strength and muscle mass pretty quickly during those first few months. Unfortunately, those newbie gains don’t last forever. Eventually you have to get smarter with

The Difference Between Health and Performance

 Andres Vargas  


Whether it be losing weight, gaining muscle, or just living an active lifestyle we all start off on our fitness journey with some sort of main goal. Early on, our decisions are mostly geared towards improving our health. Gaining muscle and losing fat makes us healthier and being active in

Beginners Guide to Tracking Your Food Intake

 Andres Vargas  


The number of people who are concerned about their health has grown tremendously in recent years. We all want to know how to live longer and feel better. For a lot of people, those goals usually involve losing a few unwanted pounds. While many enjoy weight loss success through simple

The Many Benefits of Cardio

 Andres Vargas  


Years ago, aerobic exercise was all the rage and lifting weights was kind of weird. Anyone who wanted to be fit knew they had to do cardio to get the job done. People walked, ran, cycled, and swam their way to better health. They even started inventing aerobics classes to

Is Stress Ruining Your Health?

 Andres Vargas  


These days it seems that everyone is stressed out. You overhear it in conversations, you see it on people’s faces, and you most likely feel it in your own life. Some even go so far as to wear their stress as a badge of honor! All of this is causing

Weight Loss

Why Your Diet Might Be Making You Fatter

 Andres Vargas  


Take a good look around your gym and you will begin to notice the growing number of people on a journey toward a better body and healthier lifestyle. Today, our society places a high value on having an attractive body. This has created a multi-billion dollar industry that is dedicated

Optimizing Your Sleep for Health & Performance

 Andres Vargas  


Take a second to think about the last time you had a bad night of sleep. How did you feel the next day? Tired, irritable, cranky, brain fogged? Unexplained aches and pains, poor brain performance, and negative mood are just a few of the consequences of sleeping poorly. Unfortunately, most

Consistency is the Key

 Andres Vargas  


What is the secret to accomplishing your goals and mastering your craft? Consistency. Showing up every day and putting in the work. Not just sometimes, every time. This is something that almost every successful person will reiterate. It takes hard work to be successful and there is just no getting

Motivation is Not the Answer

 Andres Vargas  


  So many times I have heard people say that they lack the motivation to get themselves in shape. They know what they need to do, they just don’t want to do it. I think sometimes this comes from an overwhelming apprehension when they realize the amount of work that

What is Fitness and How Do We Define It?

 Andres Vargas  


The Traditional View on Fitness

We hear the term being thrown around a lot these days. Our friends and family remark about their desire to get into better shape and get fit. Advertisements denote strategies and products that can improve your fitness. Nestle has a cereal product whose