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Back to Basics: Basic Lifestyle Practices

Andres Vargas   
Sep 28

These days everyone is concerned with which exercise program they should use or which foods they need to eat to reach their goals. Countless workout programs and diet plans are constructed every year to take advantage of this desire to find the magic combination. In truth, many of these plans

Is There Such a Thing as Good Or Bad Food?

Michael Navarro   
Aug 31

Hi everyone, before I go into this article, I wanted to introduce myself to Strength Cave followers! My name is Michael Navarro; I’m currently obtaining my Master’s of Nutrition and Public Health from Columbia University, Teacher’s College. I met Andres when I asked him to be on my podcast and

Skipping the Gym: Can You Get Fit Working Out at Home?

Andres Vargas   
Aug 14

When it comes to getting in shape, there seems to be a specific recipe. Eat healthy and control your calories, and get a gym membership so you can start working out. Some even go so far as to hire a personal trainer at their gym to help them out. And

A Primer on Flexible Dieting

Andres Vargas   
Aug 01

Unless you are an experienced bodybuilder, powerlifter, or fitness athlete, you may not have ever heard the term flexible dieting. You’ve no doubt heard about various other dieting strategies either from your friends or in the media. Low carb, low fat, vegan, keto, paleo, atkins….the list goes on and on

Free Weights vs. Machines: Which is Better for You?

Andres Vargas   
Jul 17

  Walk into the gym these days and you’ll quickly notice they are filled with tons of training equipment. So much so that it can be almost overwhelming to know what to do when you’re there. Depending on who you talk to, each piece of equipment has a varying level