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If you’re looking to optimize your performance, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll draw on over a DECADE of education and experience working with people just like you to become the strongest, leanest, and healthiest versions of yourself.

You don’t need to be elite athlete to get results. You simply need to be willing to work hard and I will take care of the rest! 

A coaching experience that's
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A collaberative effort from day one

Our relationship will start with a FREE CONSULTATION where we will get to know one another better and discuss your goals and expectations in depth.

Once you officially sign up, we will go through and in depth ASSESSMENT PERIOD to get a clear picture of your baseline. This includes movement and diet analysis, bloodwork analysis (if necessary) along with a breakdown of your training history, injury history, and more.

From there I will design a comprehensive program that will have you hitting PR’s and seeing changes in your physique like never before!

Effective Communication

I won’t just send you a plan and leave you to fend for yourself.

We will get to know each other better and build a stronger connection and I will continually redesign and revamp your program to help you reach new heights. Your feedback and progress will inform each new decision we make for a truly individualized experience!

All of this will be accomplished via:

  • Weekly check-in emails for updates on your progress/program
  • Monthly phone calls to refine your goals and catch up on life’s events
  • In app messaging to share your wins and check your form

Top Notch Program Delivery

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Your program will be delivered through the powerful TrainHeroic app which is designed to make the most of your coaching experience!

  • 24/7 Program Access
  • Personally Filmed Demo Videos
  • Powerful Data Tracking
  • Wellness & Recovery Monitoring Tools

Supportive tools to help you succeed

I’ll make sure you have the complete toolkit to crush your fitness goals while navigating all of life’s obstacles!

Lacking organization with your goals and habits? You’ll get my highly effective Goal & Habit Tracker to systematically crush your goals!

Need some help with dinner ideas? I’ve got you covered with fitness friendly and highly satisfying recipes!

No matter what you challenge, I’ve got the tools and advice you need to conquer them 🙂

REady to start crushing your goals?

It's Time to invest in a professional Coach

No more lackluster programs with absentee coaches.

When you work with me you will make the gains you deserve!

But don't just take my word for it...

See what others have to say about their experience:

Tucker Testimonial

“I hired Andres to help me rebuild myself after 10 years of competitive skiing had taken a toll on my body. I had various neck, back, and knee injuries that had prevented me from pushing hard in the gym. Andres revamped my whole approach to fitness and guided me to hit lifetime PR’s in my squats, deadlifts while staying pain and injury-free. Andres is the man and I can’t recommend him enough”

Tucker Perkins

Investment Account Executive
US Skiing & X-Games Competitor

Natalie Testimonial

“When I started with Andres, I had plateaud and was told by other coaches that muscle growth is hard for women over 40 years old. Andres didn’t believe in that narrative. His concepts were different but very strategic and WOW! My strength more than doubled and I am enjoying a 20 year old physique. I highly recommend!”

Natalie Bouchard

Business Executive

Teri Testimonial
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“I’ve never had somebody care so much to do things right from the start…I can’t say enough about my muscle development and strength…Everyone I have seen in the last two years of working with you has noticed a difference and I can’t thank you enough.”

Terese Market

Social Media Marketing Director

Play Video

“Andres has been nothing short of a fabulous coach. I came to him after having had quite a few back and hip injuries that kept me from competing at a high level. He was able to put a plan together that 1. Helped rehab my injuries and 2. Allowed me to get stronger despite my limitations. He is incredible, his programs are highly effective and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Owner – Biolayne
2x National Powerlifting Champion

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  • Customized Training Program
  • Customized Warm Ups
  • Form Checks & Training Analysis
  • Training Demonstration Videos
  • Wellness & Performance Tracking
  • 24/7 Messaging
  • Weekly Accountability Emails
  • Monthly Phone Calls to Game Plan & Set Goals


Starting at


  • Customized Training Program
  • Unique Macro-Based Nutrition Plan
  • Form Check & Video Analysis
  • Food Choice Optimization
  • Customized Warm Ups
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Wellness & Performance Tracking
  • Nutrition Education
  • 24/7 Messaging
  • Weekly Accountability Emails
  • Monthly Phone Calls to Game Plan & Set Goals


Starting at


  • Unique Macro-Based Nutrition Plan
  • Food Choice Optimization
  • Meal Frequency & Timing Guidance
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Nutrition Education
  • 24/7 Messaging
  • Weekly Accountability Emails
  • Monthly Phone Calls to Game Plan & Set Goals

* = 6 month committment required, paid in full
(Alternative Time committments also available)

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