Motivation is Not the Answer


So many times I have heard people say that they lack the motivation to get themselves in shape. They know what they need to do, they just don’t want to do it. I think sometimes this comes from an overwhelming apprehension when they realize the amount of work that needs to be done. Despite the supplement industry’s best efforts to convince you otherwise, there is no quick fix. No easy option exists when it comes to transforming yourself. You have to put in the work and earn the result and that scares a lot of people. What if I do all this work and get no results? Will people make fun of me? What if I reach my goals but I don’t feel any different?

I remember having similar questions before I embarked on my own fitness journey. Let me tell you, these are scary questions to confront yourself with. The resistance we feel from these thoughts and concerns is often enough to stop us from even trying. So how do we find the strength to overcome this resistance?

In reality, motivation won’t get the job done. It is simply too fragile to last for very long. At its high point it gets us going in the right direction with new vigor. But its low point comes when we are faced with adversity. What happens when you plateau in your progress or, even worse, you back track? This is where motivation shows its true colors. It concedes to the resistance that tells us to quit.

What we really need to do is find the inspiration to proceed down our chosen path. This is different entirely from the construct of motivation. It doesn’t use any superficial goals or aspirations for fuel. Instead, it uses the core values and priorities that we hold most dear to keep us going. But in order to employ the power of inspiration, we need to find a deeper meaning to link with our actions. You have to find out what really makes you get up in the morning.

This is how I was able to lose 120 pounds and keep it off as well. I found out what was important to me and I used that to fuel my efforts. Yes the body transformation was a welcomed perk and it certainly made things more rewarding. But fitness has provided so much more than that for me. It has allowed me to learn more than I could have possibly imagined. It has brought me closer with friends and family. And once I got good at being physically active it brought me a form of leisure and meditation.

None of that would have been possible for me unless I had found a way for exercise to satisfy my core needs. There were times that the numbers on the scale didn’t move in the right direction. Now there are days that the numbers on the bar don’t move in the right direction. But what keeps me coming back for more is the satisfaction that it provides on a deeper level.

Once you find your inspiration you can still work on those superficial goals. The difference is that you won’t feel the need to throw in the towel. Once the going gets tough, the truly tough keep going.



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