Diet Programs

Simplify your Diet &
Reach Your Goals

Take the guess work out of your nutrition with these easy to follow Diet Programs.

Each one will tell you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat so you can save time and focus more on living your life and reaching your fitness goals.

Each Diet Program is customized to your specific metabolism and diet preferences which ensures that you are not only fueling your body with exactly what it needs, but enjoying the process of getting in shape and looking your best too!

What are Diet Programs?

These Diet Programs aim to provide a nutrition experience that is as close to having a coach as you can get at a fraction of the cost!

These Diet Programs not only provide you with customized macronutrient recommendations, but they also organize those macronutrients into helpful Meal Charts that provide meal recommendations. Each meal is broken down into a specific amount of food based on the time of day and whether you plan to work out that day or not so you are properly fueled no matter what.

What's Included?

Diet templates excel


Each purchase includes all diet plans and diet phases in one convenient excel file so you can transition from between plans easily when the time is right.

Diet templates adaptable plan

Highly Adaptable Plan

Each program is customized to your workout schedule and eating preferences and also includes a 3 meal and 4 meal per day option so you can truly make your diet your own.

Diet templates quick start

Quick Start Guide

Want to get started ASAP? Follow the quick start guide to tell you all the essentials so you can get started on your new diet as soon as you download your program.

Diet templates progressive phases

Progressive Diet Phases

These programs will guide you through three progressive diet phases which are designed to help you adjust your diet and bust plateaus as your metabolism adapts.

Food Scale

Serving Size Estimator

This will teach you some basic "rules of thumb" so you be sure you are eating the correct portions even when you don't have access to measuring tools.

Diet templates support

Start to Finish Support

Read through the full Diet Program Guide which gives you all the coaching tips and advice you need to be successful before, during, and after your diet.

How do they work?


You will enter your weight, height, age, bodyfat (if known), and activity level in order to build a profile of your metabolism which is then used to make diet recommendations.

Diet Programs
Enter Information into the Personal Data table.


Select your preferred protein and dietary fat intake. This allows you to choose a higher or lower protein intake as well as either a higher fat or higher carb approach.

Diet Programs 2
Customize your preferred protein, fat, and carb intake.


You get to pick between eating 3 meals per day or 4 meals per day with these Diet Programs. Both are included in the diet program which allows you to switch back and forth!

Diet Programs 3
Choose 3 meals or 4 meals per day or switch back and forth as desired.


Each diet will start with a maintenance phase to help you establish your true baseline before moving on to the active dieting phases. That way you handle any troubleshooting upfront rather than have to restart later on.

Diet Programs 4
Let the meal charts guide your nutrition as you reach your goals!


Move on to the first of two possible dieting phases! Simply follow the meal charts and allow it to tell you exactly when to eat and how much to eat every day. Pick from a wide variety of foods to make your meals satisfying and enjoy an additional freebie snack on ANYTHING YOU WANT!

Diet Programs 4
Let the meal charts guide your nutrition as you reach your goals!

Choose Between two Diet Styles

Macros Based Diet Program

Features a new, low stress way of counting your macronutrients.

The meal recommendations automatically account for “trace macros” so you can pick foods you want to eat without worrying about every last gram of extra macros.

It doesn’t matter if you choose chicken breast (low fat), Salmon (higher in fat), or Greek Yogurt (higher in carbs) because the calculations already factor in the trace macros!

  • Experience With Counting Macros Preferred
  • More Precise Measuring Strategy
  • Better for Athletes & Experienced Trainees
  • Includes a Shake or "Freebie" Snack

Simplified Diet Program

Provides portion size recommendations instead of macros.

This helps to teach you how to measure and estimate your portions which prepares you for counting macros should you ever want to get more detailed with your nutritoin.

This is a great option for those who are new to monitoring their food intake who even experienced calorie counters who just want a more relaxed approach to their nutrition.

  • No Macro Counting Required
  • More Relaxed Dieting Style
  • Better for Beginners or Lifestyle Trainees
  • Includes a "Freebie" Snack (eat whatever you want!)

Complete Guidance...Even after the diet

Although you won’t be working with a coach, I have provided useful tips and tricks in the Diet Program Guide to help you overcome issues that I’ve dealt with in the past such as:

  • Dealing with and busting through plateaus
  • Enjoying alcohol while staying on track
  • Surviving a meal out at a restaurant
  • Battling hunger (or lack thereof)
  • Tracking progress in a smart way to take the guess work out of dieting

And you won’t be on your own when the diet is over because I give you full instructions on what to do after the diet so you can keep all your hard-earned results while also preserving your health!