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A Primer On Time Restricted Eating

If you’re reading this article it likely means that you enjoy finding new ways to eat healthier, workout effectively, and live better. You’ve probably tried different diets over the years just to see if they made you feel any better or gave you specific results. This is a natural curiosity we all have towards new and popular trends. Given this curiosity, it’s no surprise that people have latched on to the idea of time-restricted eating. This “new” eating strategy has certainly caught the attention of health-minded people as of late. Indeed, there are a host of potential benefits that have been attributed to fasting and time-restricted eating. Everything from off the charts fat loss, to increased energy, and even battling cancer has been mentioned with fasting and TRE. However, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about these eating strategies. Do they actually work the way they claim? What’s the difference between “fasting” and TRE? As always, the explanations behind the claims are not always as grand as people might hope.   Are Fasting and TRE the Same Thing? If you have been paying attention for the past several years, you are bound to have heard someone […]

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Weight Loss

Stalling Out: Why Your Weight Loss Stalls and How to Fix it

If you’ve ever spent time dedicating yourself to a weight loss diet, you know that results are not linear. You may start out losing weight at steady pace but eventually things get out of whack. Some weeks you lose weight and other weeks you stay the same. Heck there may even be times when you gain weight! There are many reasons for these temporary fluctuations and sticking points. But what exactly can you do to bust through these plateaus? The trick to keeping the weight loss going depends on the reason behind the stall in progress. Sometimes there is a simple fix that requires little effort. But other times you have to put in a good deal of work to get yourself back on track. Let’s discuss some of the main reasons that your weight loss stalls and what you can do to remedy the situation. Don’t Sound the Weight Loss Alarm Just Yet The human body is a funny thing. On the most basic level it seems to operate on a fairly straight forward rule known as calories in vs. calories out (CICO). Eat fewer calories than you burn each day and you should lose fat. As such, you should […]

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Is There Such a Thing as Good Or Bad Food?

Some food has a good reputation for health and fitness while other foods do not. But is it fair to label our foods as good or bad? In reality, context should play a big role in how we view our food choices. Take a minute to read about how you should be going about choosing your foods throughout the day!

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