A battle tested training program that will get you strong and jacked like never before.

Time to unleash
your inner beast

If mind-blowing strength and impressive muscularity is what you’re after, Average to Savage is the answer.

Get access to a world class training subscription that will have you turning heads every time you step in the gym!


You’ll be lifting alongside other savages just like you so you can form a squad and push each other to reach levels of gains like you’ve never seen before!

Think of it like a virtual gym membership where everyone is training hard AF!

The Program

The science is clear:
Heavy compound lifts make you strong AF!

That’s why variations of Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows, and Lunges form the foundation of the Average to Savage training program. From there, accessory work is layered on top to enhance specific areas of your body so you make even more gains!

Each training phase/block features priority movements and muscle groups which will change over time leading to more efficient gains while preventing your workouts from becoming boring. Training phases/blocks last 6-12 weeks but I write, refine, and deliver a new batch of workouts to you each and every week through the TH app.

Follow this program long enough and you’re progress in the gym will be undeniable!


– Strength Building (Strength & Muscle Gain)
– Heavy Compound Lifts
– Fun & Challenging Accessory Lifts


– 4-5 Days Per Week
– 4 Main Lifting Sessions
– 1-2 Optional Accessory Sessions
– 60-90 Minutes per Session

gauge (1)

– Intermediate to Advanced
(≥1 year of lifting)

The Perks:

With your subscription, you get fresh programming delivered to you every week by yours truly 🙂

You’ll access the program through the Train Heroic app where you can track your progress, watch demo videos for every exercise, and interact with the group.

Not only that but you’ll be able to compete for bragging rights on the leaderboard, ask questions in the group chat, and upload training footage to check your form.

Plus, myself and your fellow savages will push you to train harder in the gym and make more gains than you ever thought possible!


24/7 access through the TH app allows your training to go wherever you go.


Each exercise is accompanied by an instructional video so can you nail your form.


Easily track your results, recall past performances, and chart your goals.


Squad up with like-minded lifters and push each other to train like a savage.


See how you stack up on the benchmark tests and overall group leaderboard.


Get your questions answered and receive feedback on your performance.

The Plans:

Monthly Plan


Per month

Billed every month.
Cancel anytime with no penalty

Yearly Plan
(Save 20% - Best Value!)


Per month

Billed yearly.
Cancel anytime with no penalty.

The Proof

Sample week


Average to Savage is a virtual training program subscription that you can do in 60-90 min per day to get jacked and seriously strong! You’ll have access to your training program through the Train Heroic app along with many helpful resources, and 24/7 support from myself and your fellow Savages!

This program is written with the assumption that you are training in a typical gym. Many exercises require a barbell with weights, dumbbells, a cable machine, or common machines found in a gym. However, you may be able to modify the program to work in your home gym.

You will have 4 main lifting session per week and an optional 5th day for accessory work. The 4 main lifting sessions will focus more on your compound lifts while the accessory day will allow you to work on some weak spots in your physique and/or performance.

I recommend you have at least 1 year of consistent lifting under your belt before you start this program. I want you to be confident with the main lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses, rows/pullups, lunges) so that you can push yourself hard and get the most out of this program!

You can easily make changes to the program or swap out an exercise in the app! Upon signing up, I’ll send you a program guide that shows you exactly how to do it. Plus, you can ask me and your group mates for advice in the group chat!

The main focus of this program is and always will be lifting heavy weights. However, you can always utilize your optional accessory day to do some cardio or work it into your training week. As always, you can ask me and your group mates for cardio advice by dropping a line in the group chat 🙂

You’ll have access to many free nutrition resources as well as the ability to ask diet related question in the chat! If you feel you need help putting together a specific nutrition plan, you can upgrade your membership by adding Nutrition Coaching to your package 🙂

While training is broken up into phases/blocks, you can jump in at any time! I’ll give you instructions on how to merge yourself into the group and start making gains right away no matter what week we’re on when you join.

This is a training program subscription with no specific start or end dates. As long as you maintain your subscription, you get access to the training program, a community of savage lifters, and all the helpful coaching and resources from yours truly 🙂

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