Author: Andres Vargas

Hey there! My name is Andres and I'm the head coach, founder, and owner of The Strength Cave! My goal is to blend science and research with real world application in order to offer the best package possible for my readers and clients.

How to Make Fitness Part of Your Lifestyle

It’s no secret that changing your routine is a huge obstacle as far as getting in shape is concerned. Humans are creatures of habit and adding to or removing something from our day is often an uncomfortable task. So, until we can get to a point where we are used […]

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A Primer On Fasting and Time Restricted Eating

If you’re reading this article it likely means that you enjoy finding new ways to workout harder, eat healthier, and live better. You have probably tried different workout plans and diets over the years just to see if they made you feel any better or gave you specific results. This […]

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Tempo: What is it good for?

When you head to the gym and lift weights, do you ever pay attention to the tempo of your reps? Most people overlook this simple aspect of training. There is a lot of attention that is paid to other parts of a training program. For example, exercise selection, rep range, […]

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Working Hard vs. Working Efficiently

We’ve all heard the classic sayings when it comes to working out. People spew out phrases like “No pain, no gain”, “Failure isn’t an option”, or “pain is weakness leaving the body”. Although these phrases come from a good place, they can lead people down the wrong path. Some might […]

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workout variety

8 Ways to Add Variety to Your Training

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you probably get really excited when you start a new program. The novelty of the new movements, modalities, etc. is just so invigorating. However, that novelty fades pretty quickly for most folks. After completing a round or two of the program, you feel apathetic towards […]

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Weight Loss

Stalling Out: Why Your Weight Loss Stalls and How to Fix it

If you’ve ever spent time dedicating yourself to a weight loss diet, you know that results are not linear. You may start out losing weight at steady pace but eventually things get out of whack. Some weeks you lose weight and other weeks you stay the same. Heck there may […]

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Rep Ranges: Do They Really Matter?

Training modalities and tactics are constantly debated by those who are serious about lifting weights. Many gurus have their own ideas about how to get big and strong. Naturally, these ideas trickle down to the less experienced gym goers and become gospel so to speak. One of the more hotly […]

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Back to Basics: Basic Lifestyle Practices

When it comes to health and fitness, we all look to exercise and diet as the foundation. While these are great areas to work on, there are other parts of life that need attention if we want to stay healthy. These basic lifestyle practices (BLP’s) are crucial if you want to live long and perform well. So read up on the BLP’s so you can start working on them in your own life!

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Skipping the Gym: Can You Get Fit Working Out at Home?

When it comes to getting in shape, there seems to be a specific recipe. Eat healthy and control your calories, and get a gym membership so you can start working out. Some even go so far as to hire a personal trainer at their gym to help them out. And […]

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A Primer on Flexible Dieting

So many diets exist nowadays that it can be hard to sift through them all. Most work by restricting certain food groups which causes weight loss initially but is often unsustainable in the long term. Flexible dieting offers a long lasting solution by focusing on the fundamental principles of energy balance and fat loss. No restrictions, no rebound. Learn more about the dieting strategy that lets you have your cake and it it too!

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