Day: April 12, 2021

5 Best Training Recovery Methods – Recover Faster and Train Harder!

When it comes to being fit, I believe that your recovery is just as important as the work you put in at the gym. See, you’re only able to train as hard as your recovery allows. It’s easy to crush it in training but it takes extra work to make sure you can recover from your training too! Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help yourself recover better and train like a beast. But, it can be hard to figure out which ones actually help and which ones are a waste of time. So, let’s break down the best recovery methods that are proven to help you recover faster and make more gains! Sauna Let’s start with my personal favorite, the sauna. Having lived in Phoenix, AZ all of my life, but being in extreme heat is no problem for me. So, naturally, I find it relaxing and fun to sit in a 160-degree sauna for 30 minutes. But I only do so because of the benefits it provides in terms of health, performance, and recovery. Benefits Sauna use improves your cardiovascular and mitochondrial function. It also decreases muscle breakdown which happens every time you workout. Together, […]

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