Day: July 30, 2019

Establishing a Baseline in Fitness

Making a choice to achieve a fitness goal can be exciting! Whether your goal is to build strength, gain muscle, lose weight, or even just become healthier, it is great to have something to work towards. There is nothing better than achieving something you never thought was possible. Plus, having a goal can help keep you adherent and focused on building a more consistently active lifestyle. Now, when we decide to get started on our fitness journey, we may not have any idea what to do or where to start. It might begin with a simple Google search or we may ask our friends or even a coach for help. Whatever the starting point may be, the typical question that follows is “What do I do now?” Well, the very first thing that you need to do when tackling a new goal is…figure out what you’re already doing. This is considered “establishing a baseline” and is one of the most overlooked aspects to getting fit and healthy. What is a Baseline? Simply put, a baseline is just our starting point. It is a collection of data that you or a coach uses to create a plan and measure progress over time. […]

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