Day: May 8, 2019

Rep Ranges: Do They Really Matter?

Training modalities and tactics are constantly debated by those who are serious about lifting weights. Many gurus have their own ideas about how to get big and strong. Naturally, these ideas trickle down to the less experienced gym goers and become gospel so to speak. One of the more hotly debated topics today is the aspect of rep ranges. Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that performing a certain number of reps will lead to certain changes to the muscle. More specifically, it is thought that higher rep ranges lead to more muscle mass while lower rep ranges lead to more strength. Is repetition number really that important for driving a certain adaptation? This answer is sort of dependent on a few factors. What is the end goal of your training? What style of training do you like? If your goal is to get as big as possible, you’re likely going to have to train a certain way. If your goal is to be as strong as possible, you’re likely going to train a different way. However, you’ll also find that mixing things up may be important for long term success.   Rep Ranges for Strength vs. Hypertrophy   Most of the […]

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