Day: January 2, 2019

Best Ways to Calculate Your Training Load

When you first start lifting weights you enjoy a seemingly never ending run of gains. Even when your training is suboptimal, you manage to increase strength and muscle mass pretty quickly during those first few months. Unfortunately, those newbie gains don’t last forever. Eventually you have to get smarter with your training. This means trying new training styles and finding what works best for you. But it also means paying close attention to how much work you are actually doing in the gym. As a result, monitoring training volume and intensity is part of the game for serious lifters. This can be accomplished in many different ways which can make it difficult to know which ones are most appropriate. Whether its simple reps and sets or something more involved like bar velocity, finding the style that works best for you is important for long term success. Training Volume Volume is perhaps the most important variable when it comes to making progress in the gym [1]. Generally speaking, the more volume you accumulate the stronger and bigger your muscles become. Naturally it is important to keep track of your volume to ensure you are doing enough to reach your goals. Often, people […]

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