Day: August 21, 2017

What is Fitness and How Do We Define It?

The Traditional View on Fitness We hear the term being thrown around a lot these days. Our friends and family remark about their desire to get into better shape and get fit. Advertisements denote strategies and products that can improve your fitness. Nestle has a cereal product whose name is simply “Fitness”. Even our own site here at The Strength Cave refers to fitness and your individual fitness journey. What is interesting about fitness is that its’ definition seems to be a bit ambiguous. Everyone has a general idea of what fitness means. But if you ask 10 different people to define fitness, you most likely will receive 10 unique answers. So what exactly is fitness and how do we know when we are fit?   Over the last 10 years we’ve taken notice of the sport of CrossFit which claims to produce the fittest athletes. In fact, the winner of the CrossFit games is given the title of “fittest on earth.” Does this mean that in order to be fit, we should aspire to be the games champion? What about the thousands of other athletes outside of CrossFit that display equally impressive feats of physical ability?     There is […]

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